Sunday, September 23, 2007


The hotel is designed at Nashine Associates,Nagpur headed by Architect Sukumar Nashine, this magnificient hotel is located in the city of Raipur.The hotel offers a smart alternative to the tumult of the capital city of chattisgarh state. The hotels architecture is strongly influenced by the rich cultural heritage of the Mesopotamian civilization. Large lobby, fountains, emblems, halls without pillars at the centre, banquet halls, gardens, and its outer structure reflects the wonders of the Babylonian architecture. The plan of the hotel includes 71 rooms, 11 suites, banquet hall, conference hall, board rooms, restaurant, and discotheque.
The rooms have a attached terrace overlooking the entrance of the hotel and the interiors have been designed with a very clear intention of creating a comfortable atmosphere blending with the theme of the hotel.




Courtesy : Nashine Associates



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